Learning with PYP Teachers Assistants

Over the past few months, I have been engaged with the Primary Years Programme (PYP) TAs from my school in a learning journey.  I have led a couple workshops on “Supporting Student Inquiry”.  It has been so rewarding for me to learn more about different styles of inquiry (model at bottom of post: free, structured, guided, and open/exploratory), while also learning more about the PYP model of inquiry (see KIS TAs list below).

I’d like to share some of their learning.

Things KIS TAs think they can do to support student inquiry:

*Be an “audience” member for a performance or product and provide formative feedback.
*Observe students, then question.
*Observe students, then provide statements of instruction.
*Resource Management: prepare materials, act as facilitators/time keepers, etc.
*Become more and more aware, and use, the PYP Inquiry Cycle terminology: Tuning-in, Finding-out, Sorting-out, Going Further, Drawing Conclusions, Taking Action!

Here are a couple more resources on types of inquiry.

Exploring the meaning of practicing classrrom inquiry…


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