First round of Formal Goals

I am proud to be a life long learner.  I have learned in formal and informal ways– by participating in workshops or graduate courses and through interacting with people on twitter, wordpress, or other Web 2.o tools or through conversations around the copy machine.

Through my informal learning and experiences as an educator, I’ve decided it is time to do some more formal, well-structured, learning again.

I have been accepted into an Educational Administration Masters of Science program at Emporia State University.  Upon matriculation into Educational Administration program at Emporia State University, I was required to state some goals that I would like to accomplish as an Administrator.  In an exercise in transparency, I am posting those goals here.

I would love feedback from previous and current administrators (what is reasonable, how might I accomplish my goals, what are some pitfalls to be aware of?).  I would also love feedback from teachers, students, and families (what am I missing? what is more important?).  If you read this, and I am now your Leader/Administrator, give me a reality check…how am I doing?

Statement of Goals (things to accomplish as Educational Leader/Administrator)

September 2011

∙ establish and maintain a safe teaching and learning environment, both physically and emotionally.

∙ establish and extend effective channels of communication for parents/families to communicate with building leadership and teaching staff (and vice-versa).

∙ listen to all stakeholders before making big decisions; remain open-minded as long as possible (reserve judgment), then act quickly; finally, transparently explain final decisions to all stakeholders (related to goal above). Quote: “Be quick—but don’t hurry.” John Wooden

∙ model empathetic leadership; think…what would it feel like to be the other person/people in this situation?…what are the possible responses to this conversation because of those feelings?…how can I frame my bottom line so it can be heard?…is this the right time to address my bottom line?

∙ when making big decisions, always keep student well-being and learning as the number one priority.

Are these reasonable?  What am I missing?  What are strategies that work for you if your goals are similar to mine?  Thank you for reading.


About ibdanmagie

Generalist Educator that believes learning without action is wasteful. Transfer is an educational concept that resonates with me.
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2 Responses to First round of Formal Goals

  1. I like that you ask yourself “is this the right time to address my bottom line?” Things need to get done, meetings need to happen, documents need to be developed etc etc. I understand that. But timing is so crucial!

    I honestly believe that a good leader has their head in the game and works hard to get to their bottom line by working with their staff in a way that everyone has the same bottom line.

  2. ibdanmagie says:

    I like the way you illustrate how a leader needs to work with others to find shared vision for all…the leader shapes that vision, but with out others…it is only a hallucination! Thanks for reading and thanks even more for your feedback, Ange.

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