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Schools should be places where students can fail!

Did I get your attention :-)?  What do I really mean by this? I believe schools should be places that model what happens in the real world.  In the real world, we try things and don’t always achieve the original … Continue reading

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Mindful Action

My last posting was about using mindful breathing and body mediation and reflecting on the process to help focus my students minds when deciding on meaningful action to take as a result of their learning (which was an interdisciplinary unit … Continue reading

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My profession

I love my profession!  I think most professions in the 21st century provide opportunities for life long learning, but I guess not many offer as many opportunities as the field of Education.  I love learning along with, and from, my … Continue reading

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Viewing strategies for animation and film

My last posting was about viewing strategies for still images.  In this posting I’m going to share some strategies for viewing moving images in media such as short films or animations. Viewing moving images strategy: Watch the video/film twice. The … Continue reading

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