Guest Post: Student-Led Inquiry driving Summative Assessment

This is a guest posting from a colleague who is exploring the idea of student-driven inquiry in the Middle Years Programme.  This is her first “footprint” in the digital edu-blog world, please welcome @LanaMLautamus

I’ve been teaching PYP for the past few years, and this is my first year in the MYP.  I’m in the first draft stage of planning a Student-Led Inquiry which will be driven by the Summative Assessment Options for our final Humanities unit of the year.

This idea started in our Humanities department and I’m giving it a shot.  First, I had the students write suggestions on our class Moodle Forum for what they would like to do as a summative assessment for our Renaissance Unit.  I then collected the data and made the following draft of a task sheet based on their ideas: Summative Assessment.from Lana.

As it states, I will then conference with each kid (or a group who are choosing the same task) and we will discuss expectations for achieving the various bands on the criterion.  In this way, each criterion used for the summative assessment option will have task-specific clarifications.  I gave them an option of a final due date, but they are welcome to submit work any time before or up to/including that date mentioned.  I’ve also made a note of the maximum number of children that could submit/present each day for the last few classes leading up to the final option for a due date, as my prediction is that they will choose the last possible moment.

The only thing I am wondering is:  if someone chooses a very early due date, then what do they do during class time after they’ve submitted their work?  I am envisioning a mix of presentations and work time as they due dates arrive so those who are finished will, obviously, observe others presentations.  But, then how do they use the “work time” portion of the lesson?  Does it then become like a study hall where they manage their own time?  Or, do they just get the advantage of having more time to work on the unit reflection activity/opportunity, digital portfolios and in-class study time for the final assessment of the year?

Thanks for your advice/suggestion about these questions.  Please do feel free to use and alter the template linked above as you see fit for your needs.




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