Crowd Sourcing as part of my Research Project

I have a question for you as a reader.  I need your ideas and your experiences to help me gain new perspectives.  Please take a few minutes to post a comment or send me an email at with your thoughts.

I’m currently taking courses towards a Masters in Educational Administration.  One of my current courses is EA 888: School Systems Management.  As part of that course, I am conducting research about:


How can we (school leaders) effectively inform students, staff, parents, and community about the on-goings of the school?

I have interviewed the Marketing and Development Director of my school to get some ideas about Parents/Families and Community (the greater community).  I plan to interview a couple teachers.  And, I will also interview my Head of School about all four “stake-holder” groups.

I want to balance my research with some perspectives outside of my current school.  That is where you, the reader, come into my research.

What are your thoughts about one or more of the following groups:

How can we effectively inform students?

How can we effectively inform staff?

How can we effectively inform parents/families?

How can we effectively inform community?

I look forward to seeing what others have to say and will hopefully have a follow-up posting to come by late this week.  Post your ideas now, please!

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Generalist Educator that believes learning without action is wasteful. Transfer is an educational concept that resonates with me.
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One Response to Crowd Sourcing as part of my Research Project

  1. Well, the obvious examples are things like letters home, emails, facebook, twitter, internal website, newsletters, phone trees, etc.

    I like to think of it as a decentralized communication system. One agent (parent, student, teacher) is informed and then the message spreads throughout the community. Like a viral video, or how a rumor spreads.

    How could we use this idea to strengthen our school communities?

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