EARCOS Leadership Conference 2013

As a professional educator, I’ve learned that if we are not getting better we are getting worse.

It is refreshing to take time for my own personal and professional learning this weekend at the ERCOS Leadership Conference 2013 in Bangkok.

I’ve begin using twitter again, please find me @ibdanmagie.  This blog post is part of my learning being visible.

Here are some of the sessions I’ve joined over the three day conference and at least one take away I got from each:

1.  Curriculum Renewal Part 1: Developing a Dynamic Curriculum Review Process (Jill Watson/Liz Gale)

Take away:  American International School of Guangzhou has a detailed review process that I will share with my curriculum leadership team during our next meeting.  

2.  What Administrators Need to Know about Service Learning (Cathryn Berger Kaye)

Take away: MYP Next Chapter changes and upcoming IBDP CAS revisions have been influenced by Kaye’s work.  Time to buy her book (or borrow it from @jforsythe08): The Complete Guide to Service Learning: Proven, Practical Ways to Engage Students in Civic Responsibility, Academic Curriculum, and Social Action

3.  Create.Innovate.Voice. (George Couros @gcouros)

Take away: I’m here blogging again and using twitter again (@ibdanmagie)

4.  Twitter for Leaders (George Couros @gcouros)

Take away: I’m tweeting, again, for my personal/professional growth and beginning to add to my current schools digital footprint

5.  Professional Learning: Adults Are Learners Too! (Cheryl Doig)

Take away: I need to develop differentiated teacher professional growth strategies; focusing on Just In Time Professional Growth (JITPG)

6.  Building a Culture of Inclusion (Simon Gillespie)

Take away:  Developing a way for educational assistants, for students who need them, being employed under the umbrella of the school and not outsourced as the parents responsibility.

7.  Google Apps in the Classroom (Jeff Utecht @jutecht)

Take away: Priority inbox for gmail (why didn’t I use it before!). Plus, http://www.ninjaprogram.com/ for PD with teachers (helps me reach my take-away from session 5 above)

8.  Your Digital Footprint (George Couros @gcouros)

Take away: I started this blog posting in this session.

9.  In Youth We Trust (Catheryn Berger Kaye)

Take away: I was reminded of this poem: Listen Please and found some resources for an upcoming MYP action for service workshop (see my twitter feeds @ibdanmagie for more take aways).

This blog posting is for me, but I hope those who read it my find something useful as well.  If so, please SHARE 🙂


About ibdanmagie

Generalist Educator that believes learning without action is wasteful. Transfer is an educational concept that resonates with me.
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