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EARCOS Leadership Conference 2013

As a professional educator, I’ve learned that if we are not getting better we are getting worse. It is refreshing to take time for my own personal and professional learning this weekend at the ERCOS Leadership Conference 2013 in Bangkok. … Continue reading

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Crowd Sourcing as part of my Research Project

I have a question for you as a reader.  I need your ideas and your experiences to help me gain new perspectives.  Please take a few minutes to post a comment or send me an email at with your … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Student-Led Inquiry driving Summative Assessment

This is a guest posting from a colleague who is exploring the idea of student-driven inquiry in the Middle Years Programme.  This is her first “footprint” in the digital edu-blog world, please welcome @LanaMLautamus I’ve been teaching PYP for the … Continue reading

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Supervision that supports professional growth

Supervision that supports professional growth As part of my masters course work for my Educational Administration degree, I have been learning about ways to support teachers through effective supervision strategies. The word cloud above is made from all my reflections … Continue reading

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The first step is starting…

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” Lao Tzu quotes I’ve written this blog posting in mind several times…but I haven’t posted since November!  I could list all the reasons why I haven’t posted, but that … Continue reading

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A personal inquiry…leading to meaningful action

As the title suggests, this post is about a personal inquiry.  I ask you, the reader, to be critical of what I’m saying and challenge my thoughts in the comments below.  It will help me learn. I’ve been reading, talking … Continue reading

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Schools should be places where students can fail!

Did I get your attention :-)?  What do I really mean by this? I believe schools should be places that model what happens in the real world.  In the real world, we try things and don’t always achieve the original … Continue reading

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Mindful Action

My last posting was about using mindful breathing and body mediation and reflecting on the process to help focus my students minds when deciding on meaningful action to take as a result of their learning (which was an interdisciplinary unit … Continue reading

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My profession

I love my profession!  I think most professions in the 21st century provide opportunities for life long learning, but I guess not many offer as many opportunities as the field of Education.  I love learning along with, and from, my … Continue reading

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Viewing strategies for animation and film

My last posting was about viewing strategies for still images.  In this posting I’m going to share some strategies for viewing moving images in media such as short films or animations. Viewing moving images strategy: Watch the video/film twice. The … Continue reading

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