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In the past, I have read some of Daniel Goleman’s books and they always resonated with me, but I’m not sure I actually changed much as a teacher and colleague as a result .  This year, one of my professional … Continue reading

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The use of models to help me learn

In one of my first postings, I wrote about things teachers MUST do to promote conceptual transfer (a.k.a. learning :-)).  One of the items I suggested was using models when teaching and learning. Since I teach in an IB World … Continue reading

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Things I’m continuing to learn…just TODAY!

1. Plans always are plans, not reflections. 2. Even when you’ve checked your resources before an event, it doesn’t mean the resources will be there at event time. 3. When emotions are not in harmony, it is difficult to focus … Continue reading

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Learning with PYP Teachers Assistants

Over the past few months, I have been engaged with the Primary Years Programme (PYP) TAs from my school in a learning journey.  I have led a couple workshops on “Supporting Student Inquiry”.  It has been so rewarding for me … Continue reading

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